Mediatic Labs creates, manages and distributes a line of skin care products as a mediator between a numbers of networks, notably under the brand l'Action Paris.

Our products are available in a large network of point of sales worldwide (Russia, Asia, Europe and Canada).

Besides the manufacturing quality, French for the most part, L'Action Paris has focused on a light, modern and playful packaging offering products that act on the targeted areas of your face or your hair for a great result. ll our products are dermatologically tested.
We also invite you to discover Burt's Bees, Busticare, Tropical Shine and many more. We hope that you will find what you're looking for in this selection !
- Brands created by Mediatic Labs : L'Action Paris, Terractive, Mlle Ponce.
- Brands distributed by Mediatic Labs : Burt's Bees, Busticare, Tropical Shine.